tirsdag den 8. januar 2008

Led os ikke ind fristelse – at blive sat på prøve

”God does not abandon man, but he does allow him to be tried… In order to mature, in order to make real progress on the path leading from superficial piety into profound oneness with God’s will, man needs to be tried. Just as the juice of the grape has to ferment in order to become a fine wine, so too man needs purifications and transformations; they are dangerous for him, because they present the opportunity to for him to fall, and yet they are indispensable as paths on which he comes to himself and to God… When we pray it (“Led os ikke ind i fristelse”), we are saying to God: ’I know I need trials so that my nature can be purified. When you decide to send me these trials, when you give evil some room to maneuver … then please remember that my strength goes only so far. Don’t overestimate my capacity. Don’t set too wide the boundaries within which I may be tempted, and be close to me with your protecting hand when it becomes too much for me.” Pave Benedikt den 16., Jesus of Nazareth, p. 163.

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