mandag den 26. oktober 2009

1900 år gamle visdomsord til Klimakonferencen

“Let us turn our eyes to the Father and Creator of the universe, and when we consider how precious and peerless are his gifts of peace, let us embrace them eagerly for ourselves. Let us contemplate him with understanding, noting with the eyes of the spirit the patient forbearance that is everywhere willed by him, and the total absence of any friction that marks the ordering of his whole creation.

“The heavens, as they revolve beneath his government, do so in quiet submission to him. The day and the night run the course he has laid down for them, and neither of them interferes with the other. Sun, moon and the starry choirs roll on in harmony at his command, none swerving from its appointed orbit. Season by season the teeming earth, obedient to his will, causes a wealth of nourishment to spring forth for man and beast and every living thing upon its surface, making no demur and no attempt to alter even the least of his decrees.

“Laws of the same kind sustain the fathomless deeps of the abyss and the untold regions of the underworld. Nor does the illimitable basin of the sea, gathered by the operations of his hand into its various different centres, overflow at any time the barriers encircling it, but does as he has bidden it—for his word was, ‘Thus far you shall come; at this point shall your waves be broken within you.’ The impassable Ocean and all the worlds that lie beyond it are themselves ruled by the like ordinances of the Lord.

“Spring, summer, autumn and winter succeed one another peaceably; the winds fulfil their punctual duties, each from its own quarter, and give no offence; the ever-flowing streams, created for our well-being and enjoyment, offer their breasts unfailingly for the life of man; and even the minutest of living creatures mingle together in peaceful accord.

“Upon all of these the great Architect and Lord of the universe has enjoined peace and harmony, for the good of all alike, but pre-eminently for the good of ourselves who have sought refuge in his mercies through Our Lord Jesus Christ. To him be glory and majesty for ever and ever, amen.”